The fastest. easiest. most reliable. most affordable. Internet. Period.


Wavelength gives you a connection up to 1,000 megabits per second download and upload. That’s up to 50x faster than the fastest cable Internet available anywhere in South Dakota. Surf, stream, download, and upload at crazy fast speeds, with endless possibilities.

Home Internet Speeds

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While cable companies might offer 50 Mbps down with 5 Mbps up, we give you the same speed both ways, so you have between 10x and 50x more capacity to share photos, backup files, or even just make a FaceTime call without everything else slowing down. And with our Gigabit plan (1,000 Mbps), you’ll never worry about buffering or slowdowns again, no matter how much you’re doing at once.


Cut the cord

Save hundreds of dollars by switching to better phone and TV options. Keep your number, but get free calling. Keep the same TV & movie options, but only pay for what you want to watch — and watch anywhere on any device.


Store & Share

Store and share data to the cloud faster than you can save it to a flash drive. Access anything everywhere.



With latency as low as 1 millisecond (10x faster than cable), applications are more responsive, and you’ll always have the edge with the best Internet in the region.



No buffering, ever. Stream anything you want, whenever you want, in the highest quality possible, no matter how many devices you have. Download an HD movie in seconds, not hours.