The Technology

2019 Wireless Is better than fiber

Can you spot the antenna? It blends right in with vents, etc.

We use cutting-edge millimeter wave technology to send ultra high speed Internet directly to a small antenna on your roof (about the size of a dinner plate and less noticeable than any vents or other things up there). Our phased array beamforming antennas direct the signal straight to your roof, making sure you always have the best signal with no interference whatsoever.

More akin to fiber than traditional fixed-wireless, our “towers” (generally small rooftop and streetlight antennas) are always close by, so we don’t have to cover the long distances that cause problems for traditional wireless providers. Our system performs flawlessly in any weather and no matter how much your neighbors use their Internet connection. Providers in major cities and even traders on Wall Street have been doing this for years, but we thought it was time to bring it to Aberdeen too.

This allows us to deliver connections that are faster and more secure than fiber without digging up your street or your yard. And because we don’t use 40 year old cables designed for television, there are a lot fewer things that can go wrong, and they’re easier to fix if they ever do.


All of that allows us to pass lower costs on to you, so you not only get the fastest and most reliable, but also the most affordable Internet in the region. And because our technology is more reliable, we have more time to focus on making your life easier — for instance, by allowing you to schedule your installation at a specific time that’s convenient for you, instead of waiting around all day for someone to not show up.

How & Why We Do It

Founded by Aberdeen-native Matt Guthmiller, we believe in the power of the internet to change lives, to drive social change, to make the world markedly, measurably better. We saw an opportunity for low-cost, easily deployable technology to bring that to areas like South Dakota that are traditionally ruled by monopolistic telecoms with no incentive to provide better service. People need the internet. It brings us together, helps us learn and connect and do more than any other invention in the history of the world.

We wanted to use smart technology to make Internet access simpler and more affordable — our plans include the best Internet possible and nothing else, because everything you want is already online, with no sneaky promotions, extra hidden costs, or long-term contracts. We try hard not to do anything in a way we wouldn’t appreciate as a customer.

To that end Matt, who holds a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT, recruited a team of experts to bring Aberdeen the best, most advanced Internet experience possible.