Fast, easy, reliable, affordable Internet for your business.

Wavelength gives you a connection up to 1,000 megabits per second (download and upload). That’s 50x faster than the fastest cable Internet available anywhere in South Dakota. Surf, stream, download, and upload at crazy fast speeds, with endless possibilities.

While cable companies might offer 75 Mbps down with 7 Mbps up, we give you the same speed both ways (and starting at 100 Mbps, for less money than their 7 Mbps), so you have 14-50x more capacity for video conferencing, remote collaboration, backing up files, sharing content, and not waiting for your computer to load.

Business Internet Speeds

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You can easily gain hours of extra productivity each week with even our most basic plan (while saving money too!), and with our Gigabit plan (1,000 Mbps), you’ll never worry about buffering or slowdowns again, no matter how much you’re doing at once. With speeds like these, everything just works — and instantly, at that.

And if you have special networking needs (interconnecting multiple locations, speeds even faster than a gigabit, BGP/multihoming, IP address blocks, etc.), we can offer custom solutions up to 10 gigabits per second. And we’ll get you running in days, not months.
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Store & Share

Store and share data to the cloud faster than you can save it to a flash drive. Access anything everywhere.



Video conference, call using VoIP, and work on projects remotely, without ever worrying about buffering or slowdowns. Download large files in seconds, not hours.

And with latency as low as 1 millisecond (10x faster than cable), applications are more responsive, and you’ll always have the edge with the best Internet in the region.